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Bormio - The Magnificent Land

Bormio is a ski and spa resort in the heart of the Alps (Alta Valtellina) and the best holiday destination for people looking for an active but yet very relaxing holiday.


Bormio means 365 days of sport! You can go skiing in winter (on more than 70 km of ski runs and cross-country skiing trails) but you can also practice summer skiing on the Stelvio glacier! The most famous slope of the entire Bormio ski area is “Stelvio”. In 1985 and 2005 it hosted the FIS World Ski Championships and usually hosts the FIS Men’s DH race on December. The ski area offers a Snow Park for snowboarders, Gormiti Park for children and several ski schools. Discover the Bormio ski area with our special offers Skipass Free and Bormio Ski Special!

The ski lifts are open in the summer so that bikers can reach the single trails in the area. Are you a cyclist? You can’t miss the opportunity to discover the roads to the Stelvio, Gavia, Mortirolo and Aprica alpine passes. They are steep climbs, but getting to the top is a huge adrenaline rush! Don't miss the great bike events of Summer 2013 and the special offers Bike No Frills, Bike and Wellness and Bike and Family!

Bormio is also the right place to go hiking in the mountains of the Stelvio National Park or experience how beautiful walking in the woods can be.
Visit Bormio and you’ll also play golf, tennis and go ice skating.


Bormio has always been well known for its thermal waters (temperature are around 39°) and thermal spring Cinglaccia. Bormio Terme spa centre offers indoor and outdoor swimming pools for adults and children, sauna, Jacuzzi and Turkish bath, beauty and spa treatments and services suitable for people who need rehabilitation or suffering from rheumatisms and skin problems. Bagni Nuovi and Bagni Vecchi thermal spas offer wellness treatments in natural caves characterized by different temperatures, and panoramic outdoor pools. In winter, the contrast between the warm thermal waters and the snow all around creates an unforgettable atmosphere and the experience will be even more beautiful and relaxing! Enjoy these relaxing themal spas with Bormio Pass at a special and unique price!


The ancient traditions of Bormio are usually handed down from generation to generation, and people from Bormio and tourists too still celebrate them with excitement. “Pasquali” is probably the most important local tradition. People celebrate it every year on Easter Day with a religious parade and floats. Each float represents one of the five districts of Bormio (Dossorovina, Combo, Buglio, Maggiore, and Dossiglio.) At the end of the parade a winner is announced. Another particularly strong tradition in Bormio is the Carneval di Matt. On Carnival people elect the “Podestà di Matt” (mayor of mad people) who replaces (in a joking way of course!) the town's mayor for a day and reads the complaints and questions of the citizens. Winters can be particularly long and harsh in the mountain. That’s why spring is a celebrated event! The two main traditions in Bormio are Geneiron (on January 31) and L'è fora l'Ors dala Tana! (on February 2.) On Geneiron children run along the streets of the town with tins and cans to wake spring up while on L'è fora l'Ors dala Tana! (it literally means "the bear is out of the den") people attract their “victims” outside their houses and fool them around.

Apartments in Bormio

Apartments for your holiday Bormio,Chalet Metallia

Bormio, Lombardia
Chalet Metallia

Apartments for your holiday Bormio,Chalet Teo e Marianna

Bormio, Lombardia
Chalet Teo e Marianna

Apartments for your holiday Bormio,Casa Gerosa

Bormio, Lombardia
Casa Gerosa

Apartments for your holiday Bormio,Chalet Santa Barbara

Bormio, Lombardia
Chalet Santa Barbara

Apartments for your holiday Bormio,Casa Braulio

Bormio, Lombardia
Casa Braulio

Apartments for your holiday Bormio,Lord Byron

Bormio, Lombardia
Lord Byron

Apartments for your holiday Bormio,Baita al Plan

Bormio, Lombardia
Baita al Plan

Apartments for your holiday Bormio,Casa Sciatori

Bormio, Lombardia
Casa Sciatori

Residences with apartments Bormio,Jolly Residence

Bormio, Lombardia
Jolly Residence

Residences with apartments Bormio,Residence Delle Rose

Bormio, Lombardia
Residence Delle Rose

Residences with apartments Bormio,Residence National Park

Bormio, Lombardia
Residence National Park

Residences with apartments Bormio,Le Orchidee

Bormio, Lombardia
Le Orchidee

Residences with apartments Bormio,Baita Clementi

Bormio, Lombardia
Baita Clementi

Apartments for your holiday Bormio,Chalet Funivia

Bormio, Lombardia
Chalet Funivia

Residences with apartments Bormio,Cristallo

Bormio, Lombardia

Apartments for your holiday Bormio,Baita del Sole

Bormio, Lombardia
Baita del Sole

Apartments for your holiday Bormio,Al Trampulin

Bormio, Lombardia
Al Trampulin

Residences with apartments Bormio,Residence Le Cime

Bormio, Lombardia
Residence Le Cime


  • FOSCAGNO PASS open every day 24h
  • FORCOLA, GAVIA,MORTIROLO & STELVIO closed during the winter months
  • GALLO PASS - 'Tunnel Munt La Schera' open all year 24h with toll

We remind you that the flow of traffic for the GALLO PASS - 'Tunnel Munt La Schera' that will come into force EVERY SATURDAY from Saturday, December 1st, 2013 to Saturday, April 20th , 2014, will follow the schedule below:

  • FROM 00.00 TO 05.00: open - alternating one-way
  • FROM 05.00 TO 10: open from Livigno towards Switzerland
  • FROM 11.00 TO 18.00 : open from Switzerland to Livigno
  • FROM 18.00 TO 24.00: open - alternating one-way

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